Litigation Support

Appraisal Services Associates is renowned for its forensic appraisals provided for litigation support. Our firm can assist in the litigation process every step of the way. Aside from the appraisal itself, we have worked with clients to help draft deposition and interrogatory questions related to appraising, art, and valuation science. We have also helped to develop lists for discovery. Our staff members have been admitted as expert witnesses in numerous court systems throughout the United States and Canada. Appraisal Services Associates has worked for the United States Department of Justice, district attorneys, and prestigious law firms across the country.  Expert Witnessing – In weighing the expert testimony of an appraiser, the court considers the appraiser’s demonstrated qualifications to form an opinion, the appraiser’s relationship and prior dealings with the petitioner, the appraiser’s selections of comparative sales, the appraiser’s familiarity and contact with the potential market for the subject property, and, the appraiser’s familiarity with the contributed material. Hiring the experienced staff of Appraisal Services Associates will ensure that your expert witness meets the qualifications, professionalism and impartiality that the court demands while providing a comprehensive, fact based appraisal.