Other Services

Collections Management and Museum Services

At Appraisal Services Associates, we value all of our clients’ collections, regardless of size. However, there are unique conditions created when forming and maintaining a large collection. Our experience in the art world, from academic research to framing, allows us to handle every aspect of managing your collection. While we customize our collections management plan to each client and collection, our services include:
Cataloging and Researching the Collection: this includes a photo registry of the collection for inventory purposes
Appraising the Collection: we will ensure that your properties are properly insured at all times, including updating the appraisals to reflect changes in the market
Exhibiting the Collection: this includes both in-house and outside exhibitions of the collection
Promoting the Collection: this includes creating a catalog of the collection for public relations purposes and loaning the collection for outside shows
Displaying the Collection: this includes lighting considerations, humidity control, etc.
Conserving, and Restoring the Collection
Storing the Collection: we will make sure that pieces of the collection not on display are stored properly when not on display
Custom Designing and Framing the Collection
Assisting with any Purchasing, Accessioning or Deaccessioning of the Collection
Assistance in Obtaining Authentication
Follow up Maintenance of the Collection
Personally Arranging and Supervising the Packing, Shipping and Installation of the Collection
Arrangement of Sales and Purchases of Your Collection

Scientific Examination with Materials Analyses for Authentication
Scientific examination with materials analyses by our colleague produces forensic evidence butressing research and stylistic analyses protecting investors, collectors and other entities. The above case study illustrates the importance of this combination of research methods. Presence or absence of materials known not to exist during artist’s lifetime enable conclusive findings.

Conservation and Restoration

We offer, through our affiliated laboratories, a full-spectrum of modern restoration and conservation services for:
Works on Paper
Works on Canvas and Panel
Sculpture in all media
Antiquities and Ethnographical
All Decorative Arts
Silver and Precious Metals
Books and Manuscripts
Professional materials analysis, condition assessments and treatment proposals are provided which are consistent with standards of the American Institute for Conservation. Stabilization and treatment options are also discussed in each case.

Major projects and institutional assignments are readily accepted. Collection reviews and environmental analyses are available for private and institutional holders of works of art. This includes an analysis of lighting conditions; humidity and temperature checks and the amount of pollutants and volatiles in the display space.